Sep. 20, 2018

Slaughters Big RipOff Full Movie Hd 1080p Download

Slaughter's Big Rip-Off Full Movie Hd 1080p Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

Vigilante Slaughter comes under attack from Duncan, a local money launderer whose hit-man traps Slaughter in a car at a cliff, but Slaughter escapes, arms himself, and goes after Duncan's hideout.

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original title: Slaughter's Big Rip-Off

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

imdb: 6

duration: 1h 34min

tags: The mob put the finger on he gave them the finger right back--curled tight around a trigger!

keywords: vigilante, horseriding, motorcyclecop, cigarsmoking, musclecar, airplane, punchedintheface, revolver, sexinbed, handgun, safe, topless, cigarettesmoking, restaurant, alcohol, murder, swimmingpool, bik






































Vigilante Slaughter comes under attack from Duncan, a local money launderer whose hit-man traps Slaughter in a car at a cliff, but Slaughter escapes, arms himself, and goes after Duncan's hideout. Brown returned to his role from the year before (in "Slaughter") for this rough follow-up film. In the original, he had avenged his parents' slaying by wiping out a huge mob organization in Mexico. Here, he is the one being pursued (retaliated against) by a money launderer portrayed by McMahon. When the first assassination attempt fails, Brown is back in action once more, kicking gangster butt all over the place while trying to protect his new girlfriend Hendry. While the original film was, overall, a better and more coherent movie, this one delivers all the exploitation aspects in far heavier doses, making it more pleasing to fans of the genre. Aside from a fairly dreary opening on horseback and a downright deadly car ride down a city street at night, this movie clips along at a very brisk pace. Every few minutes there appears one or more of the following: drug use, sex, nudity, gunplay, murder or some other action. Brown is his usual reliable, amiable self, helped by his amazing physical presence which goes a long way in glossing over any stiffness in his acting. McMahon is a riot! With tinted glasses and his hair parted down the middle (!), he is shown meting out orders to his gang of thugs and is overheard making passionate love to his fur-clad bimbo. Seeing Johnny Carson's sidekick in a role like this is a perverse thrill. Stroud makes an impression as an intense, racially-bigoted hit-man while Peters adds just a tinge of class as an upright police detective who enlists Brown's aid. Sadly, no mention at all is made of Brown's original sidekicks Don Gordon and Stella Stevens. Suddenly, Brown now has a girlfriend (Hendry) who is likable enough, but lacking in the voluptuousness and personality that Stevens had before. Williams does an outrageous turn as a pimp who can seemingly pick any girl out of a bar and make her an instant member of his harem. The cinematography and overall direction is less polished than the first film, but this one does have a drive and a sense of danger that exceeds the original's feel. The film spends a lot of time in the sewage of organized crime, drugs, prostitution and other vices, but it retains interest through the creativity of its action scenes and the now-startling lack of political correctness. One odd note: A key supporting player in the first film was shown getting shot to death, but pops up here in a different role. A mob kingpin(Ed McMahon) murders Slaughter's(Jim Brown) associates and he seeks to get even.

Duncan(McMahon)puts a hit out on Slaughter, but his friends get shot instead while the gunner flew over his party in a Spearman. Duncan goes to his reliable trigger man(mechanic), Kirk(Don Stroud)to clean up the mess left in the wake of this failed hit. But, Slaughter isn't about to go down without a fight.

Plot's simple as that. A revenge actioner where big Jim Brown takes out a mobster's goons as Kirk targets him for extermination. Duncan is in bed with the chief of police(..and other city officials) and Slaughter must secure a list with his name on it for detective Reynolds(Brock Peters).

Fans of Jim Brown and blaxploitation should enjoy this, but the plot itself really isn't anything to write home about. Brown, built like a mack truck, makes both black and white women swoon and kicks a lot of ass..a tailor made vehicle designed specifically to make him look cool while defeating those who wish to kill him. Dick Anthony Williams steals the film as a sneering pimp, Joe Creole, who also has a reputation as a safe cracker and is enlisted by Slaughter to lift the list from a safe in Duncan's mansion. Stroud inhibits the usual heavy role of Kirk, a ruthless, cold-blooded henchman who has obviously eliminated a lot of Duncan's competition.

The yummy Judith M Brown has a minor role as a former squeeze of Slaughter's who negotiates with him over information regarding those he is after in return for sexual favors(..and, we get to see her fabulous nude body as she disrobes for Slaughter, who didn't need too much coaxing). Gloria Hendry(Live and Let Die) is Slaughter's girlfriend, Marcia, her life soon threatened as Kirk desires the list for his boss. Hoke Howell has a funny cameo as a plane mechanic who, at first, doesn't give out the name of the person who hired the Spearman which flew over gunning down Slaughter's friends. Scatman Crothers stops by as an old friend of Slaughter who leads him to Creole as a favor in regards to finding someone available for opening Duncan's safe.

Preposterous sequence where Slaughter somehow survives a car's plunging into the ocean after driving off a cliff, and how he's able to move about freely despite the powerful connections of Duncan is a major logical problem('d think Duncan would have gunmen throughout the city with Slaughter encountering them everywhere he goes, but this is not the case). Plus, the whole opening sequence doesn't properly set the stage for the revenge of the movie(..shouldn't we get to know Slaughter's comrades a bit before they are murdered?). It does deliver the violence, though, as Slaughter lives up to his name, blowing away quite a many of Duncan's men, with blood all over the place. Brown's sheer charisma and presence are of major importance as the plot itself doesn't exactly do him any favors. It's too bad the film doesn't use McMahon more because he is fun to watch as the mafioso with those big shades and ugly suits.


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